Danavarshini Exports is committed to ensuring sustainable business practices. Sustainability is profoundly implanted into our business. Our production philosophy is based on asceticism to minimize the usages of raw materials, energy, water, chemicals etc. Thus, we have an achievable and ambition targets for reducing water consumption.

Sustainability Highlights:

Womens Empowerment upto 40%


Water – We have already achieved 80% recycling. Therefore we have set goals to further recycle water by another 5% by 2024 and another 5% by 2026. Thus recycling 90% water used

Energy – We have already achieved 19% of renewable energy usage out of over all energy consumption. Further more increase in renewable energy is planned to the extent of 40% in 2023, thus reaching 60% renewable energy consumption by December 2023.

Air Emission: Always we are maintaining as per prescribed by government norms and as such air pollution is not significant in our business model.

Use 100% ZDHC positive list chemical by 2023

Use 100% green screening chemical by 2023